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 It is crucial to derive workable knowledge from factual data sets with precision. We provides an array of quality analysis market tailored to meet the required business model. We map market shifts and opportunities linked with the product.

For growing and emerging companies we are the apt knowledge partners in strengthening, evaluating IP strategies  best suited for your future capital investments.

Crucial to business functioning are the agreements to facilitate not only ensure proper process flow but also the protection of innovation. We Train your staff to stay as dynamic as market  is.


Portfolio Management

Competitive Intelligence

Gap Analysis


Technology Evaluation


Pricing Analysis

Clinical Trials Research Report Generators

IP Intelligence

Competitive Mapping

IP Strategy Building

Partnerships and Licensing

Contract Drafting & Vetting


Portfolio Management: We have a systematic approach to analyze products and services to aid in the decision making by helping clients to identify most profitable lines of business. We provide quality evaluations based on published data and backed by financial analysis.

Competitive Intelligence: Competitive Intelligence right from the early stages helps make informed strategic business decisions. To facilitate this we asses and analyze different parameters of evaluation to name a few- Competitor mapping product portfolio, unique selling propositions, and price differentiation.

Gap Analysis: Help you to stay informed about the industry movements and make decisions what not to do and where to focus more.

Landscaping: KPIED works relentlessly to provide most significant spread of various factors influencing the profitability and longevity of the product/ line by evaluating historical events and data for forecasting market revenue, Product assessment, and analyze the Limitations, Prospects, Market structures, Catalysts and Competitive Landscape.

Technology Evaluation: Involves studying, bench-marking and evaluating upcoming market competitive technologies and its Intellectual Property.

Forecasting: We support companies to forecast the demand for the end-products as well as products in pipeline.

Pricing Analysis: KPIED does the assessment and evaluation of product prices based on Market Time & Trends in competitor product pricing.

Clinical Trial Research Reports: We assist in identifying probable shifts in profitable product portfolio by mapping the trends and developments in the Clinical stage products. Providing you a canvas to compare current product offering and expected launches in the market.


IP Intelligence: It is a result of streamlined in-depth analysis of the vast existing art pertaining to work pipeline. This invaluable information can be used to focus your resources to timely achieve targets. KPIED employs tried and tested IP evaluation techniques and strategies that will lay the groundwork for business potential.

Competitive Mapping: We compare and map our clients’ core business and their aspirations with their peers in the market and probable competition in the future through facts and metrics on various parameters.

IP Strategy Building: KPIED provides IP strategy focusing on effective alignment of R&D, IP, and Business strategies and lays the basic foundation for development of the forthcoming Patent, Portfolio.




Partnerships and Licensing: We help you Identify & Evaluate suitable Partners for your Business Growth. We provide support for detailed technical and commercial evaluation of the technology, strength of patent protection, coverage and en-forceability of the concerned patent among other legal and technical issues.

Contract Drafting & Vetting: Contracts between business partners, such as purchase and sale agreements or joint venture agreements, are usually focused on the legal issues involved in the transaction. KPIED considers each and every aspect of law, rights, scope, and liabilities & remedies so that an agreement is not made in a stereotype and ambiguous manner.